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  1. Louis Matino (@LouMatino) says

    Cole is honored to be in your blog this week. Thanks for making his cornbread famous!

  2. Carol says

    I am in that place now, but it is comfortable in its own way. Maybe because I am alone and don’t have to “Buck-up” and pretend to be normal. I will try your cornbread. Comfort food is good for the soul. Carol

    • Lisa says

      Thank you for your kind and calming thoughts, Carol…that bucking-up is really rough sometimes–especially with people who don’t know the story…p.s. I hope you will continue to share your journey here–we can all learn from you

  3. Krista says

    Your post gives me hope that there is a glimmer of hope that somehow, even though I can’t imagine it, I will survive this nightmare. Thanksgiving weekend was a feeling of being alone while surrounded by 30 well meaning people, but I cooked. Wish I had the idea about the stuffing crust for the pot pie earlier. Next time.
    Thank you again for your wise words.

    • Lisa says

      Krista…you are stronger than you think. You do it for your son. He loved you so much and wants you to be able to feel joy…it will happen…look for signs of Aiden. He is all around you. When someone dies as I say “before their time” they never leave.

  4. Ronna F says

    Your blog posts really move me, Lisa. Sending you prayers and hugs, and by the way, the cornbread sounds wonderful! I copied the recipe to try soon. <3

  5. jennyfromtheblock2014 says

    You have a way of simply and succinctly sharing what life is like after losing a child. I can relate to so much of what you say. You don’t waste or mince words, and the result is really beautiful.

    • Lisa says

      Thank you, Jennyfromtheblock. Please feel free to post more of your story here or share one of your own blog posts. I would love to know more about the boy who wore flannel.